Friday, June 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Father's special day

Well it's been a slow week. And yet the weekend is already here. How do you explain that?  Where did the time go, and yet you wonder why I might say it's been a slow week.  Well it wasn't the time, it was just getting things done.  And still I haven't done all the things I wanted to do....oh well, there's always another hour, day or year, lol...

But  let's get back to the upcoming weekend, because it's not just an ordinary weekend, it's Father's Day.

Father's play a big role today in  raising a family. In fact, there are many father's who either work at home, or have been displaced from the workplace and are staying home with their children while the wife goes to work.  My how times have changed. It certainly does take two people to work today, but if
one can't, then the other has to pitch in..

Have a beautiful and wonderful weekend, because they will be your memories of tomorrow.

And for those who have lost their father's my prayers are with you, because like you, my father has passed on..

FATHER'S DAY will always be forever.