Monday, September 3, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the summer ends

Well it's Labor Day and it ends with rain, pouring rain.  I hope it clears out soon, because we've had enough water to last us until the end of winter.  I wonder if this is an indication, that we will have a lot  of snow this year. Oh I hope not.... I've seen and been in enough snow, to last lifetime.

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So for those who have the blues because summer is ending, cheer up, the winter will fly by, and before you know it, the beach days will be here once again..

I will be starting my writers group this week, and it  will be my last one with the teen group.

 Like my other teens before, who have now finished their first year of college,  oh my.. The teen group I have now will be seniors this year.   I just can't believe that.  And after six years, it's time to let go....

But my adult group, which  looks pretty promising this year,  will continue on.  And I'm hoping to do a lot of author related seminars this year, as well as having guest author's come and do a workshop with them.

Pretty big plans, so I hope it all works out. But if it doesn't, I'm sure something will happen..

Well I guess that's it for now... stay tune,  because you'll never know what I'll write about next.


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