Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG- a funny story from the internet

The other day I read on the internet, that this Asian woman was on a trip, I believe to Iceland.  She decided to leave the bus and change her clothes, just to freshen up a bit... but never told anyone she was leaving the group  So when the bus was ready to leave, they realized she was missing, and  the bus driver called the authorities to help search for her... 

Therefore, the search begins....

Now while everyone was given a description of this woman,  the woman in question comes out of the ladies room, and joins in the search, but after awhile, she realizes the person they were searching for, was her. No one knew she had changed clothes, and she never realized, that they were describing her other clothes,,,,,, did I laugh.... how funny is this..  

So now this woman had to tell the authorities,  it was her they were looking for. she was the missing person...  how embarrassing was that...... 

Just thought this was a funny story to share, hope you enjoyed it.


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