Sunday, July 27, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG- It's been a long time

Well it's July 27, 2014 and I must say it's been a long time since  I've written on my blog. Don't know if anyone has miss me or not, but that's okay. I know there are a few that still check in and that really means something to me.

So here is an update...

I am working on some lyrics right now, which is rhyme poetry, and still have hopes of submitting my script to my very last contest, but it has to be legitimate and worth my investment, but it will be my last I can assure you of that..

Another thing I've started to do is collect items.  I see my collection growing by the day, and who knows maybe they'll all be worth something when I'm in my which is not close, but I can somehow see the numbers coming faster and faster as each day passes.. How do you like that it rhyme?

But I still have plenty of youth left inside of me, and I plan on using it up to he best of my ability, at least one can only

Okay enough about me, hope everyone is having a great summer and make sure it's safe, because there are some real maniacs out there on the road, and honestly I believe they think you're invisible, and you and I both know we're not.

So stay cool and be good and have a great summer, because it's surely flying by and before you know it Fall will be here, and then the Holidays.... $$$$ which who can afford these days..... But we still keep plugging away.


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