Thursday, September 27, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG, re-writing, oh no

Unfortunately I  had a great blog to enter, but I accidently deleted it..   and since my sense of humor evaporated, I will just share this little epic of my day.

My day started out as a day of procrastination, meaning I didn't really do anything constructive... but then as the day progressed, I decided to reach into my pile of short stories... bad mistake...

And when I began reading some of them, I knew why, I didn't want to face this dilemma....

So starting tomorrow, I will definitely be doing a lot of editing and  re-writing or just throwing away., some of my stories and start all over again.......

And once I' m finished, not all mine you, but maybe one or two, I'll put it aside for a few days, weeks or maybe a month, them re-read, re-edit if I have to, then let it go, just like I did with my children, who are now all grown up.. and on their own..

So I will say goodbye, until later.. for this day will always be or not be


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