Saturday, June 2, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG-Lump Lard and Pee Bucket

Well you might be wondering why I chose these two words.  Well people have nicknames like my husband for instance, his real name is Arthur, but from the time he was born, he was called Skip. And my name is Margaret, but my friends call me Margo, So a while back I decided to nickname my dogs, Ralph and Clyde.

Ralph I named lump lard because all he does is eat.  That's right. Whenever it's time for dinner he runs and gets my husband to let him know it's time to eat. I mean he gets so excited that he actually gets some exercise by running back and forth, or pulling at my husbands hand to lead him to the table, and if my husband is downstairs in the basement, he runs down the stairs and barks at him. He can be pretty bossy.  when he wants to eat his food....

Now for Clyde.... His nickname is pee bucket because no matter how many times I let him out, he has to pee on everything, and I mean everything. There isn't one tree, branch and grass left dry. I guess he has to let everyone know this is his property, and  he's the boss, so you better watch out, or else..  I never knew a dog could have so much pee in him. And one day, I just started calling him pee bucket, of course he doesn't answer to that, but I know he knows, that's his nickname and he's stuck with it...

So  my dog Ralph, lump lard, and Clyde, pee bucket will always be FOREVER YOUNG

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